The Last Detail is a film website that offers deep, written and visual analysis of films of all kinds for film lovers and critics alike, guided by a single governing principle – in a film, everything matters.

While some film sites are unified by their study of a single genre or era of film, the entire point of this site is the willingness to consider any type of film. Through the unconventional pairing of films, the free range of study (directors, an actor, a genre, etc.), and the commitment to detail, this site aims to offer something to film people of many stripes. While the site’s posts will address film from a variety of perspectives, what unifies the approach is the zoom lens. I want to help readers see the granular level of detail through focusing on small acting moments, individual camera moves, or tiny fragments of sound. Through this specific focus, the goal is to help readers understand film more generally.

I’m Brian Brems, your humble author. I earned a Master’s Degree in Film & Literature from Northern Illinois University in 2010, and I am currently an Assistant Professor of English and Film at the College of DuPage, a large community college located in the western suburbs of Chicago.